Professional and efficient solutions to your plumbing issues

Our qualified engineers can find and repair the source of a water leak before it causes real damage. We can also install your kitchen or bathroom with professional care and precision, ensuring you get the best out of your appliances and fixtures.

  • Bathroom and kitchen installation. Our qualified engineers will efficiently fit your sink, toilet, bath or shower. We can also install utilities such as your washing machine or dishwasher. Anything that needs a water supply, we can fix up for you. And we’ll perform regular maintenance on your existing fixtures to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Fix leaks. If there is leaking water, we’ll find the source and stop it from happening again.
  • Solve low pressure issuesIf there is low pressure in your cold and hot water supply, we can solve the problem by installing a booster pump or upgrading your gravity fed system with an unvented one. Our friendly, professional expert can advise you on what is the best solution.
  • Expand your current system. A property extension generally comes with plumbing issues that need to be addressed. We’re experienced at solving these issues, and can help you get it sorted.
  • Giving you the hot water you need, when you need it. Our expertise at fitting hot water secondary circuits and pumps ensures you can get hot water to any place you need it, instantly, and with minimal risk from Legionnaires disease. Our qualified engineers are able to install vented and unvented cylinders. They can also conduct repairs, inspections and maintenance on your current hot water systems.

Toilet not flushing? Water on the floor? Got a kitchen tap that needs installing? Call our friendly, expert plumber on 020 8979 7287 or 077 9943 1134. You can also use our contact form and we’ll figure out a solution for you.